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Painted Lady Martini 


  • 3.5 oz Painted Lady Gin

  • .5 oz Vermouth OF CHOICE

  • 1 olive for garnish


  • Pour gin & vermouth into mixing glass. Add large cold ice cubes and stir for 35 revolutions. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with Olive. 

Bar Pilot Moscow Mule
Moscow Mule


3 Parts Bar Pilot Vodka

1 Ginger Beer

1/2 Lime


  • Squeeze Lime, Add Vodka, Pour in Ginger Beer. Garnish with Lime Wheel. 

Cucumber Basil Martini


3 Parts Bar Pilot Cucumber Vodka

.5 oz Ginger Simple Syrup

3 Sliced Cucumber Rounds 

2 Fresh Basil Sprigs

Fresh Lime Juice


  • Muddle Simple Syrup, Cucumber, Basil and Juice. Pour into cocktail shaker over ice and add vodka. Shake & strain into Martini glass. 

  • Garnish with thin cucumber round. 

Bloody Knuckles Bloody Mary Mix
Bar Pilot Bloody


  • 2 parts Jalapeño Lime Bar Pilot Vodka

  • 2 parts Bloody Knuckles Bloody Mary Mix (Grumpy Dog Shrub Co)


  • Garnishes: Cajun fried shrimp, peppered bacon, pickled bean, habanero stuffed olives, celery, asparagus, sliced sweet red pepper, and lemon wedge. 1 round smoked iced cube. 


  • Salt rim. Add vodka,  and bloody mary mix. Add garnishments. 

Painted Lady White Dahlia
Painted Dahlia


3 Parts Painted Lady Gin 

1 Part Cointreau 

1 Lime Wheel 


  • Muddle Lime, add Cointreau and Gin, Shake, Strain, Garnish with Lime.

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